Sana Hemp CBD-A

The Sana Hemp Juice capsules and tincture are derived from a full spectrum cold pressed extract rich in cannabinoids but also other substances such as terpenes and flavonoids, essential oils, which occur naturally in the plant. There are increasing noises that purified CBD extracts are much less effective and it just also needs the active substances from the plant for their synergistic and beneficial effect. In addition, the capsules and the tincture contain water-soluble substances which occur in the cannabis plant such as carbohydrates, proteins, and polysaccharides. These substances do not appear in CBD oil. While all previous research focuses mainly on the cannabinoids, one is often forget to look at these water-soluble substances. Recently insight shows, that the water-soluble components – and the polysaccharides which occur in the cell walls – play an essential role in the increase of the bioavailability of the cannabinoids fraction upon oral intake. The new and future research of Sana aims to identify the underlying mechanism and is focused on effects of the present polysaccharides and their role in the bioavailability of CBD.

Cannabinoids are lipophilic (bind to FAT) making them poorly soluble in water. Most Lipophilic substances have a poor bioavailability so there is usually a higher dosage needed. Blood consists largely of water, before the cannabinoids can reach the bloodstream they must be bound to a lipoprotein which ensures that the cannabinoids are soluble in water and therefore also in blood. Sana Hemp Juice Powder tie the cannabinoids on Nano-level and functions as a transporter. This results in a higher bioavailability at a lower dosage! Because the cannabinoids of Sana Hemp Juice Powder dissolve well in water, the applications are also many times greater.