Sana Hemp Juice Powder CBDA CBD capsules

NEW – Sana Hemp Juice Vcaps!

By market demand and forward looking on the expected market developments, Sana Hemp Juice developed a new product, Raw Hemp Juice powder.

Thanks to the freeze drying process, we can extract all the water out of the fresh hemp juice, creating a highly concentrated powder while keeping all her NUTRITIONAL components!

The powder will be filled into Vcap (produced from plants) of 275MG with a CBDa content of 6.9 MG! If we take the daily doses of 5MG/CBD per day, you are sure you get more than your daily needs!

Convenience for a good price!

Content packaging

Sana Hemp Juice is available in 2 different SKU’s;

30 capsules of 275mg (intake for ± 1 month normal use)
90 capsules of 275mg (intake for ± 3 month normal use)