Raw Sana Hemp Juice Powder 90 vcaps


Sana Hemp Juice is a 100% natural hemp product containing high doses of CBD-A. There was never so much pure CBD-A in one capsule. One capsule contains 4,5 mg CBD-A!



Specific characteristics:

  • 100% natural hemp
  • Super concentrated CBD-A
  • Rich in omega 3 & 6
  • Rich in vitamin E, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc
  • Approved by the EU
  • Under normal use no side effects known
  • No allergen, so quite fit in any diet!
  • <0,05% THC

CBD-A pure vegan and raw

Sana Hemp Juice gives something extra to your daily diet and is ideal for use in combination with a vegan, vegetable, and Raw Paleo diet.

Sana Hemp Juice capsules

Sana Hemp Juice capsules are made from the leaves of the industrial hemp plant. This hemp plant is 100% organically grown and is from The Netherlands. By modern techniques, it is possible to freeze the hemp juice in 2 minutes after it is juiced, so all minerals and vitamins will be preserved. After the hemp juice is frozen, we use the high quality process of freeze drying to get the Sana Hemp Juice Powder. This is filled in Vcaps (vegetarian capsules)

Always the right amount of CBD-A

If you use the oil content CBD/ CBD-A per drop can vary. This is not the case at Sana Hemp Juice capsules.  Sana Hemp Juice capsules always contain the same amount of CBD-A so you never have to worry whether you consume the right amount of CBD-A. It easy to combine a capsule intake with breakfast and/or dinner, for example, to creating a fixed time of your intakes. It is precisely this fixed time that ensures your body making optimal use of all the good in this CBD-A hemp capsule.

Concentrated CBD-A

Never ever before has the CBD-A acid been so unique and concentrated in a single vitamin tablet! Each capsule contains no less than 4,5 mg pure CBD-A!

The recommended daily intake differs from person to person but for everyone is 1 capsule a day a good amount to start with, this can always be increased. How great and easy it is to get the right amount of CBD-A in every day?

  • Fully approved
  • 100% natural
  • 100% organic
  • CE approved
  • Vega capsules (CBD-A even get better and faster absorbed into the body)

Content packaging

Sana Hemp Juice is available in 2 different SKU’s;
30 capsules of 275mg (intake for ± 1 month normal use)
90 capsules of 275mg (intake for ± 3 month normal use)

Product data sheet

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